In October of 2017, I spent 10 days in what is now one of my favourite places in the world. I’ve always loved the outdoors, growing up in and around nature as a child I was raised building shelters, climbing trees and learning to respect the wilderness. So getting to witness first hand the sheer beauty of Iceland’s surreal landscapes was a treat. The juxtaposition of the landscape blew my mind. The fact that from driving along the solitary ring road, you can pass mountains, volcanos, glaciers, lakes, beaches, waterfalls and geysers within just a few miles of each other. It really opened my eyes to the difference in cultures, landscapes and climate. The locals both in Reykjavik and in the smaller villages of the western peninsula that I visited were so incredibly friendly, polite and welcoming to someone that’d they’d never met before and most likely will never meet again. The landscape as I’ve already said were phenomenal. And the weather I experienced was just as breath taking. The wind was bone chilling, the snow took me back to childlike bliss, the days were short but vibrant with warm light basking everything around. Finally the nights were long but the northern lights kept me up and captivated my imagination as i sat, a cup of tea in my hands and my camera shooting constatnly watching the green streaks dance across the sky. Anyway thats enough ramblings from me, I hope you enjoy my glimpse into Iceland, I can confirm it defiantly won’t be the last time I visit.


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